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ingredients | additives


"inspired by nature and life science, gratitude for health and well-being"

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about us

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  • Ingredients and additives for health, nutrition, food and skin care

  • Head office in Beijing, P.R. China

  • Subsidiary partner offices in Changsha (Hunan province) and Xi'an (Shaanxi province)

  • Established in 2010, 100% foreign-owned, EU management

  • Worldwide distributor and agent network

  • Co-operative network with farms and cultivation throughout China

  • Licensed production facilities network in China for Dumoco ingredients and additives

  • Independent quality control, auditing and management system

  • Close collaboration with authorized laboratories and organic certification authorities

ingredients | additives

health  |  nutrition  |  food  |  skin care

  • Supply ingredients and additives

  • Sourcing ingredients and additives

  • Quality Management and Control

  • Product development

  • Logistic services

  • Private label retail food and supplement services

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 - nutrition - energy - functional - well-being -

health supplements
ingredients and additives

ingredients and additives

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  • Superfruit, supergreen, superfood powders

  • Herbal, mushroom and algae extracts

  • Carotenoids, anthocyanins 

  • Plant-based proteins, prebiotics, fibers

  • Botanical oils, essential oils, oil powders

  • Instant tea and matcha powders

  • Bee ingredients

  • Phytosterols, plant sterols

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  • Natural (zero calorie) sweeteners

  • Tocopherols

  • Inulin, oligofructose

  • Plant-based and microbial preservatives

  • Hydrocolloids

  • Food, skin care and feed ingredients

  • Fruits, vegetables (freeze dried, powder)

  • Microbial probiotics

Download online catalog below for more details.

For other specific ingredient or additive enquiries not in the catalog, contact DUMOCO for assistance.



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  • Contact us for your specific ingredient or additive enquiry and our team will assist you with professional support upon qualified availability.

  • Searching for a partner to develop your private label retail health products ? Contact us for possibilities in contract manufacturing; mixing, packing and design for health supplements (tablets, capsules, powders), nutrition and protein powders, herbal tea bags, dried fruits or herbs etc.

  • NOP (USDA) and EU organic certification available for specific natural ingredients

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