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"inspired by nature and life science, gratitude for health and well-being"

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who are we

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  1. 100% foreign-owned enterprise, established in 2010

  2. EU management and ownership

  3. Central office in Tongzhou district, Beijing

  4. Subsidiary partner offices in Changsha (Hunan province) and Xi'an (Shaanxi province)

  5. Worldwide distributor network for B2B ingredients and contract manufacturing

  6. Co-operative network with farms and cultivations all over China

  7. Licensed partner network in China for oem processing Dumoco natural ingredients and contract manufacturing, packaging and design of retail health products

  8. Independent quality control, auditing and management system

  9. Close collaboration with authorized laboratories and organic certification authorities

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Farming | Cultivation

Co-operative network of farms and cultivations all over China for the supply of a large variety botanical and fungus species.

The assortment includes natural ingredients derived from more than 300 botanical species of among others medicinal herbs, superfruits, supergreens, mushrooms, beehive products, (micro) algae, vegetables, fruits and fermented fungus and microbes.

Our ingredient assortment also includes NOP (USDA) and EU organic certified ingredients.

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Private label retail health product

Dumoco provides the service of private label retail manufacturing and packing of among others your nutrition or functional health supplements (tablets, capsules), vegetable protein or superfood powders, herbal tea bags and loose herbal tea or dried superfruits, mushrooms and other botanicals.

We assist in label and packaging design and have availability to different packaging types.

what we do

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Processing | Consultancy

Dumoco has certified qualified and certified production partners for processing Dumoco herbs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, beehive products, algae or fungus.

Extraction, grinding, mixing, slicing, coarse cutting, teabag cutting or fermenting are among others processing options which Dumoco can offer you to meet physical and chemical ingredient requirements for applications in your natural health foods and beverages, nutrition supplements, skin care, pet foods or animal nutrition.

We provide consultancy to local farms and processors in China for international quality and processing management standards.

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dumoco natural health business ecosystem

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 - nutrition - energy - functional - well-being -

health supplements

natural ingredients

natural ingredients

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  • Superfruit, supergreen, superfood powders

  • Botanical extracts

  • Vegetable proteins

  • Mushroom powders and extracts

  • (Micro)-Algae powders and extracts

  • Carotenoids

  • Plant-based prebiotics and fibers

  • Microbial probiotics

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  • Bee ingredients

  • Botanical oils

  • Plant essential oils

  • Micro-encapsulated oil powders

  • Phytosterols, plant sterols

  • Tocopherols

  • Natural plant-based preservatives

  • Bacterial fermented preservatives


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herbs and services

  • Dried herbs; whole, teabag cut, coarse cut, sliced herbal leaves, roots, barks, fruits, seeds etc.

  • Retail product contract manufacturing; mixing, packing, design for supplements (tablets, casules, powders), nutrition and protein powders, herbal tea bags, dried fruits or herbs, feed additives etc.

  • NOP (USDA) and EU organic certification available