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About us

Dumoco is a dedicated organisation with corporate focus on distinctive natural ingredients with functionalities and benefits in health, nutrition, pharma, cosmetics and wellness.

Dumoco ingredients are developed and manufactured in China through joint ventures and exclusive oem production partnerships. Our partners and ingredients are carefully selected and developed to meet the international and customized standards.

Our head office is located in Beijing, 100% foreign-owned and daily lead by EU management. Joint ventures and oem partners are located all through China.

The extensive ingredient and application expertise, general quality & production management experiences and excellent Chinese market knowledge make Dumoco a highly attractive and preferred partner for their wordwide distributors and customers.

Dumoco closes the gap between on one hand the vast opportunities of the impressive Chinese ingredients and production market developments and on the other hand the thresholds in business communication cultures, quality consistency and international standards, application knowledge and service & support expectations required by the international markets.

Visit our product page for more details on our ingredient solutions and possibilities. Dumoco closely cooperates with an international distributor network for an optimum customer support in the local markets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more enquiries on our company, ingredients or your nearby Dumoco distributor. New enthusiastic and dedicated distributors are also most welcome to join our network.

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Dumoco Co. Ltd.
Gordon Dumoulin | CEO
Beijing, China